I understand what you mean about privacy, but it's something that you can, & should get over. Take a bunch of photos of yourself in the mirror. Hand your camera to a friend & have them take your photo. Figure out who your most uninhibited friend is, & take a shitload of photos of them. All of this will get you over the whole 'art is precious' & "OMG! what do I look like!?' thing that's so inhibiting for both the photographer & the subject.
I'm good at taking photos of people, but I started from nothing, & worked my way up with lots of practice. There is no reason whatever that you can't do the same if you put your mind to it, & it's very rewarding when you get it right. Don't be embarrassed to waste a few thousand shots on people - you have to do that to learn how to get the good shots. Hell, even now I'm happy if one shot in six is a keeper.
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