Well, I was trying to upload a photo to my DreamWidth page, but the upload tool just hangs & won't let me upload a local file. I've reported it via Bugzilla, so hopefully it'll get fixed. Another bug: It's impossible to save an Entry after previewing it. You have to go back to the editing page & save from there. Also added to Bugzilla.
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Re: A bug in DreamWidth.

For uploading icons, be sure that they're 100x100 or less and under 40KB. Otherwise, it sends you to the icon factory, which is known to be broken at the moment (I think -- I haven't double-checked recently, but it was in Bugzilla last I checked).

The preview page is supposed to load in a separate window/tab. I suspect that if that's suppressed and it opens in the same tab, the page flow loses. (Which is a bug, so thank you for filing it!)


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